I wonder if this is a possible way to exploit global power price arbitrage: With BitCoin mining operations, it appears that after capital costs on powerful enough machines, monthly electricity costs are the second largest item of expense. For identical mining setups, power efficiency will be constant, the real-time state of the BitCoin algorithm will […]

Or, the way of the apprentice programmer… I’ve often thought “just give me 3 months with a smart person and I can have them running circles around the average developer.” Have you thought that too? I know a lot of my colleagues have. – Chad Fowler Places to be: India Kochi, Kerala: http://startupschool.in/ USA Holly […]

First the “code year” madness, and now this: “Estonia’s plan to get 6 year olds coding is a stroke of genius” … This is the *worst* idea circulating in the whole education world today. *The* worst idea.

After reading this post on Government Censorship at deeshaa.org, one of Tagore’s verses[1] immediately came to mind… It is easy to act upon these words R.T. wrote, except if one clings, for whatever reason(s), to the burden of the past. I dare say these eight lines[2] comprise the touchstone of thought and action of any […]

Applying a critical eye to everything I see or hear taxes my brain no end. Obviously, I have learned to artfully dodge the tax, by virtue of studied ignorance. But occasionally, the ignorance itself becomes taxing and leaves me with no alternative but to go boil the ol’ noodle for a while. Such as now. […]

Following @acorn’s tweets vis-a-vis Internet Freedoms…

This follows a discussion on Twitter started by @patwardhanrahul, and subsequent rogue elements introduced by Yours Truly. I think if one were to construct a “Funnel” of possible candidates for EiR, specifically with the Indian context in mind, it might look something like this: [Funnel Start] Trying/Tried Folks that are just getting their hands dirty […]